This Sunday, January 8, will be the last day to enjoy the exhibition ANDER: Resistencia Cultural en El Trolley y Matucana 19 at the National Museum of Fine Arts.

ANDER is a multidisciplinary showcase designed by José Délano and curated by Juan José Santos that portrays two emblematic spaces of the Chilean underground culture of the eighties. These places were key to artistic and recreational development in times of dictatorship. This exhibition was praised by critics on the site and on prominent chilean platforms such as
In this project I was in charge of the implementation of sound and image. Due to the hybrid nature of the exhibition, we had to use different devices to achieve the expected result. There are a total of 25 raspberry pi that are connected to projectors, CRT TVs and LCD screens. For the sound, we use headphones and build 6 custom-made directional speakers that hang from the ceiling. This allowed us to generate different acoustic atmospheres, reminiscent of the ambient sounds of the bohemian spaces of that time.

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